About Yossi Aud

” I didn’t come after the bees, they came to me…”

July 2008. I walked out into my garden and I heard an increasing buzzing, thousands of bees were floating around the water spring that’s in the garden.

I was never drawn to a specific insect but there I was, I felt drawn in and curious. I found myself spending hours and days in their presence trying to study them, to study their behavior and way of living. I found the source from which they came into my garden, from the forest next door. I understood their needs and was astounded from the emotional bond that I formed with them.

Soon enough I volunteered to join a man named Rafi, a beekeeper and I wanted to learn more and more from him. I assigned myself to an organic bees course. I somehow found myself in Berlin, where I studied about growing bee hives in the city (urban beekeeping). I continued to study in Israel, Germany and in teaching journeys in Netherlands and England in the amazing project “natural beekeeping trust” and I was blown away by the lecture of the master of biodinamic beekeeping, Mr Gunter Hauk.

From that moment on my life changed forever.

I suddenly realized what the bees are trying to tell us by disappearing, I suddenly realized where the wrongs of the world come from, where the good comes from. I discovered the source of the dissonance in my life and I realized why the world begins to lose all of its varieties. The healthy clean air, the vibrancy of the land and its prosperity the quality of the water and the clearness of the oceans, the social unity and the personal relationships, becoming more and more complex.

This website’s main focus may bee the bees, but actually it’s a spitting image of human kind and its making on earth.

Since the bees came to me we founded a true love story.

Yossi aud

  • A woldorf educator and a wood artist, spend 30 years invested in social, environmental, educational and business projects.
  • Teaches beekeeping in the city and in open spaces, leading bees saving projects in israel and the Palestinian authority.
  • Founder of the biodynamic freedom farm for bees and manager of the beekeeping centers in the cities in Israel.
  • Founder of the “magen dvorim adom” organization who keeps bee hives from destruction.
  • Founder of the project “bees for peace”.

Contact information:
Yossi aud
Cellphone number: 054-2275865
Email adress: yossiaud@magendvorim.com
Facebook: yossi aud