Bees and Kids Is a Simple Love Story

an educational program by Yossi Aud

Children at young age are very connected to their inner self and spirit, and bees, in a way, are the same – as bee swarms are a spiritual and emotional being. A gentle and sensitive connection immediately enables the vibrant kids’ spirit to connect with the bee swarm’s spirit.

The encounter always demonstrates a powerful shift from fear to love. In the first few minutes the child is scared of the bees, worried that he/she might get stung. Yet after sometime he/she becomes the bees’ good friend, caressing and loving them.

This transformation of which the child dislikes and fears the bees and then starts to enjoy their company is an effective educational tool to change stigmas, to learn how to accept the other, and sometimes even to stop fearing the enemy.

Yossi’s programs are acknowledged and supported by the ministry of education and local municipalities in Israel. The programs are tailored to the kids’ age, culture and other desired educational guidelines.

In his background Yossi is a Woldorf educator and a wood craftsman. He established bio-dynamic bee centers in four cities and an educational bee farm in the Jerusalem mountains in order to help reinstate the bees to the cities and the environment. In his work Yossi also founded the ‘Bees for peace‘ project, aimed to promote peace and brotherhood between the religions and the nations within Israel and the Palestinian authority.

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