Bees for Peace

The “Bees for peace” project is aimed to teach us about the bees’ harmonious and wondrous way of living, and to inspire us to adopt their approach and behavioral patterns into our own life. Anyone who comes in contact with the bee is charmed.

The bees produce abundance and healing in the world and all their products are products of health and medicine.

This great ability is enabled thanks to the bees’ perfect cooperation, which creates harmony amongst themselves and their surroundings. When people learn to work for the bees’ welfare, much sensitivity and gentleness is developed, and that could translate into our daily life. In this way the bees teach us to act for society, to live in co-existence, let go of stigmas, and help us get closer to ourselves, others, the land and the world.

Yossi initiated “Bees for peace” in order to join hearts and create cooperation between Christians, Muslims and Jews, Palestinians, Israelis and Jordanians. The initiative helps build bridges through the bio-dynamic bee keeping method in multiple constellations – amongst kids in schools, through courses and activities for adults coming from different sectors and cultures and in diverse joint initiatives. The project emphasizes empowerment of women from “traditional houses” (whether Muslim, Ultra-religious Jewish or other disempowered populations), who usually don’t go out to work.

Bees for Peace programs:

  • Marj Ibn Amer Almond project in the Yizrael valley trained Israeli and Palestinian women to grow bees by the bio-dynamic method, in order to increase the number of bee hives in the area, to enhance the women’s involvement in the almond agriculture and to increase the almond yield, especially in light of the decreasing numbers of bees in the area and in the world.
    The project was carried out by the El-Hukayer organization which is an NGO for socio-economic development within the Palestinian society in Israel.
  • “Tlmei Achva” – An educational agricultural farm in the city of Lod, for Muslim-Jewish kids and teenagers, secular and religious, where they work and grow bees together.
  • Urban farming project in the city center of Jerusalem.
  • Bio-dynamic beekeeping course at Ecome center and in the city of Jericho.
  • Empowerment of Ethiopian women through growing bees and building traditional Ethiopian bee hives.
  • The Honey Women of East Jerusalem project in collaboration with the Sinsila Center and the Mosella Association.
  • The project to save the bees of the volunteer association Magen Dvorim Adom. The Israeli association for the. protection and preservation of bees.