Urban Biodynamic Beekeeping in Israel

The urban Bio-dynamic centers in Israel for urban beekeeping are aimed to introduce the bee world and to teach the craft of bio-dynamic beekeeping. This growing method is substantially friendlier towards the bees in comparison to industrial beekeeping. This method allows the bees to live sustainably, consume their own products and to stay healthier. Another aim of these centers is to encourage and promote growing bees on the city’s rooftops. In this way the centers aid in the re-establishment of honey bees to the city and the environment in general.

The centers which operate in 4 main cities in Israel: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Modiin and Lod, serve as knowledge and teaching centers and provide the following activities:

  • Introduction courses, trainings, workshops and lectures on the magical bee world and on living together with the bees within the city.
  • Integration of educational programs in schools.
  • Training for school and kindergarten teachers in beekeeping in the within the educational institutions.
  • Outdoor and urban beekeeping courses.
  • Building “insect hotels” for individual bees and bee hives for bee colonies.
  • Advisory for farmers and bee growers.
  • “Red star of David” for bees – rescue of unwanted bee colonies in people’s houses.

The centers exist with the support of the municipalities, the ministry of education, social and environmental NGOs, urban innovation centers and businesses.

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